“There’s Only One Enemy”

The worst week yet in COVID-19 history — and what we can do about it

Every key coronavirus metric rose in the US this past week. Tests were up 8% but infections jumped 24%. Hospitalizations and deaths also increased.
Looking at new-case growth alone, it’s clear that a third surge is well under way, and that we are now in record territory, with nearly 100,000 new cases recorded Friday alone.
Although the Dakotas and Montana retain the “honor” of being the most infectious places in the US, the virus is widely distributed around the country. Except for northern New England, the virus is spreading fast throughout the country.
Infections aren’t spreading as fast in California as the rest of the US, but they’re still up 18% statewide this past week, vs. 24% nationwide. Three-quarters of terrible is still terrible.



Photographer, editor, recovering engineer.

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