Fading Away, Yet Still Very Much Here

Key coronavirus metrics all declined this week nationwide, coming off the very high levels of the surge in June and July.
Infection rates remain high in many parts of the nation, even in places with declining new-case rates. Kansas this week claimed the “honor” of being the most infectious state per capita.
The virus is still expanding in California, but at a significantly slower rate than before. Hospitalizations and deaths are also down, though the death rate in Ventura County is holding steady at about 1.4 per day.
Computational biologist Mike Bass ran a 30-day regression of state new-case data. Recent reports show cases are growing at a rate slower than the trendline would have predicted.
Computational biologist Mike Bass used a 14-day rolling average to compute doubling times. In Ventura County, cases now double every 65.0 days; statewide, it’s every 53.2 days. Both numbers are rising, which is a good sign.



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David Robert Newman

David Robert Newman

Photographer, editor, recovering engineer.