COVID Diaries, 16 August 2020

Less Data, Less Virus. Right?

All key coronavirus metrics are in decline, which is a good sign after the June surge. But there are plenty of caveats too — testing is down 9% over the past 14 days for the first time since the pandemic began, and the US still has more cases than any other nation.
The virus is widely distributed, and on a per capita basis is just as infectious (often more so) in sparsely populated states. Kansas this week earned the “honor” of being the most infectious state as the virus continues to move northward out of the South and West.
California testing and case data is subject to data errors dating back to July 25. These numbers should be considered minimums and not a complete description of testing or case rates. Hospitalization and death reporting are not affected by the data error.
This chart, from computational biologist Mike Bass, shows deaths statewide are rising slightly faster than the 30-day trendline would predict. On average, Ventura County sees 1.5 deaths/day from the virus; statewide, it’s 128/deaths/day.



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David Robert Newman

David Robert Newman

Photographer, editor, recovering engineer.