Patient X

The president tested positive. So did nearly 300,000 others.

Despite spikes in the Midwest, US cases fell slightly overall this week. Hospitalizations were up 3%, and deaths fell below the 5,000-per-week mark.
Toward the end of this week, the rate of new cases crept up toward 50,000 per day. That’s well more than double the level we had when the summer surge began in June.
Although the virus remains widely distributed throughout the country, infection levels are highest in the Midwest. More than half of US states saw infections per capita increase in September. And for the third week running, North Dakota claimed the “honor” of having the highest per-capita infection rates.
New cases fell 4% in California over the past week, an encouraging sign. The number of hospital and ICU patients also fell. Also this past week, 588 Californians died of the virus, which is essentially unchanged from the previous week.
This chart from computational biologist Mike Bass shows case rates are falling in Ventura County and statewide. That’s the good news. But these are 14-day rolling averages, and do not show that after a week or so of excellent case numbers, Ventura County cases have been above the 14-day average for the past three days running.



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