The New Normal

Local coronavirus conditions improve, but nationally the virus is on the rise again

In Ventura County, new coronavirus cases have fallen below the 14-day trend line the past few days, according to an analysis by computational biologist Mike Bass.
Statewide, Mike Bass’ analysis show cases kept rising slightly above the 14-day trend line. In fact, new cases rose 2% this week compared with the previous week.
Also statewide, tests are way up (21% compared with last week) while new cases grew by 2%. Hospitalizations and ICU patients fell by 7% each — a decline, but less of a drop than the previous week. Deaths fell sharply (-19%), a sign that the summer surge is nearly over.
As this chart from Brown University dean of public health Ashish K. Jha shows, there has been a nationwide spike in cases since Labor Day. The spike is similar to those following the Memorial Day and Independence Day weekends.
Coronavirus news this week was significantly worse in the rest of the nation than in California. Driven by spikes in the Midwest and South, cases rose for the second straight week. Hospitalizations also rose slightly, while deaths fell.
Although Midwestern states have the fastest-growing rates of infection, the virus is widely distributed around the country. North Dakota claimed the “honor” of most infectious state for the second week running, but South Dakota, Alabama, and Wisconsin all have fast-rising rates of new cases.



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