Income, race, and ethnicity have outsized effects on outcomes

As this graphic from the COVID Tracking Project shows, there are strong correlations between race and ethnicity and COVID-19 deaths. African-Americans, Native Americans, and Hispanic/Latino people are significantly more likely to die than whites or Asians.
The coronavirus continued to rage out of control in the US, with all major indices rising sharply. New cases and hospitalizations are at record highs, and deaths — a trailing indicator — also rose 31% this past week.
California saw sharp increases this past week in new coronavirus cases and deaths, up 56% and 55% respectively. With more than 1 million cases in the state, infections are now at a record level.
At least thirteen states now have more than 1,000 infections per million people, by far the highest number of states at that level since the virus began. Kansas shows no cases due to a reporting gap; a week ago it had more than 2,000 cases per million and is likely the 14th state in the most infectious tier.



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